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Credit Cards

5 Different Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

Let’s say you’re looking to apply for a new apartment in a month or want to buy a car soon. Hopefully, you’ll also want to


How to Get Your Friends On Board Your Debt-Free Journey

Every time I talk to my friends about my financial challenges, I don’t talk to my friends about my financial challenges. via GIPHY I know


5 Reasons Why Women Should Step Up Their Investing Game So We’re Not Left Behind

1. Women don’t invest as much as men, in fact men are 5x more likely to invest, thus there’s an “investing gap” About more than


Make Your Case: How to Prepare for a Promotion or a Raise

Part One: Look Inward After a long week at work, I turn all of my attention to my hobbies and the people around me that I


Best Online Savings Accounts for May 2020

You ask, we deliver. Here’s some quick research for the best savings account for May 2020. If you’re keeping your money in a default savings

How the Economic Machine Works
Our Economy

Video: How the Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

Check out this 30-minute video by Ray Dalio, one of America’s top hedge fund managers on how he sees the economy works in simple terms.


Video: Introduction to Fractional Shares: How to Invest From Just £1

Have you always wanted to buy into Amazon stock but didn’t want to take the thousand dollar plunge. Now there’s finally a way to break


Video: Investing 101 by @investinglatina and @heyberna

@InvestingLatina and @HeyBerna do an amazing job by going over investing basics covering: types of accounts, types of investments and how to get started. Jump

The Japanese Art of Being a Zen Millionaire
Money EQ

Video: The Japanese Art of Being a Zen Millionaire

Before getting started in any new money endeavor, it’s always good to start by reflecting on your relationship with money. Money EQ is important to